GTC Latest Measurements
Pressure769.8 hPa
Solar Rad22.7 W/m^2
Dew Point1.1 ºC
Outdoor Temp0.9 ºC
Indoor Temp8.1 ºC
Wind Mean4.4 m/s
Wind Peak7.5 m/s
Outdoor Humidity100.0 %
Indoor Humidity66.2 %
Outdoor Dust0.8 ug/m3
Indoor Dust0.5 ug/m3
NOT Rain 0.1 h True
TNG DIMM >24h 2.1 "
IAC DIMM >24h 0.5 "
ING DIMM >24h 1.0 "
IAC PWV 0.7 h 5.5 mm
TNG Dust 0.1 h 0.2 ug/m3

(*) Wind direction (From) is shown with the green arrowhead

(**) By clicking on All Sky image you can download a Timelapse video from a previous or current night

(***) Current telescope pointing is shown with a red segment